God Will Provide

God Will Provide

Bible Reference: Matthew 6:29

Grace See En
St. James’ Church

Special Mention
Physical Art Group 2
8 years old to 12 years old

Mixed Media Construction
21 cm x 29.7 cm
Code for Purchase: P2-20

It is very reassuring for me to experience creation and see how God provides for the animals as well as the plants. I chose to draw the flowers in human form to depict how the verse says that the flowers are clothed in splendour. The verse reminds me that if God can provide for the birds and the flowers, He surely will provide for me, His child. And because I wanted to really bring it to “life”, I chose to use clay to bring to 3D form, one of the “flowers” I painted, and atop its little head, sits a hat I made with yarn.