Amran- Happy Children

Amran- Happy Children

Bible Reference: Exodus 2:3, Micah 6:4-8, Mark3:3

Raphaelle Do Lern Hwei
Wesley Methodist Church

Physical Art Group 4
19 years old and above

29.8 cm x 21 cm
Code of Purchase: P4-15

On the left of the picture is the finding of Moses by Pharoah's daughter, who was entrusted back to the care of his own family. The child Aaron who had taken up Egyptian art looks on (later, he could make a golden calf out of the top of his head) On the background is the mural of restoration of legendary divine ruler, Osiris by co regent Isis and Horus, which the Princess felt she needed to do as agent of Isis. Probably at a riverside Temple complex in Memphis. Aaron could see the views of an Egyptian Royal, better than Moses. On the left is Jesus, carrying a plank into the workshop where his brothers and parents work. John the Baptist carries a pitcher of water, also needed in the house for hand washing before meals.Jude is handling a live bird which Jesus made out of clay and made alive by breathing on it (Human Rabbis are said to make staues/ golems, imprinted with Emeth on the head and run on some scripture texts). James is reading some design plans and standards (building maintenance in Torah)

The painting shows God's providential love for Aaron as he survived the conscripted labour and even succeeded in the eyes of the ruling group in Egypt, also for Moses, who left at 40, being cared for till then by Pharoah's daughter (and possibly a small number of her family), as well as his own family.
The same love of God continues on in Jesus' family. Mary, hther was a descendant of Amran- (father of Moses). There are some vignettes of present day children with their family and friends.