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Colours of the Bible

Colours of the Bible is an art competition and exhibition that is jointly organised by The Bible Society of Singapore and The Embassy of Israel in Singapore

Art has existed in countless forms over the centuries. It crosses social boundaries and connects cultures and geographies. It documents life and history, but also captures the conscience, ethos and emotions of the times.

The Bible, the best-selling book of all time, is a collection of texts considered sacred by major monotheistic religions. Much like art, the Bible has impacted the world in innumerable ways across the centuries. Describing its impact, Peter J. Leithart wrote:

Inspired by the Bible and the liturgy, Christians invented new forms of architecture, wrote captivating poetry, colored glass to fill cathedrals with unearthly light and painted canvases and ceilings to tell the story of God’s ways with the world… (they) cultivated new modes of education, created new languages and refreshed old ones, pursued new disciplines of scholarship, formulated laws, advocated justice for the weak, and molded godly habits in daily life.

Biblical themes have provided inspiration for great artistic masterpieces, from Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” and Rembrandt’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son” of centuries past, to the modern abstractions of Chagall and Kandinsky.

Through Colours of the Bible, we hope to celebrate the beauty, culture and history of the Bible and the land of Israel. By reflecting upon their message and relevance to modern life, may we find fresh perspective for today and hope for tomorrow.

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