Colours of the Bible 2014

2014 Theme

Celebrating Biblical Feasts & Festivals with Art

It's no secret that food is a universal language that connects us. In Singapore, families come together to feast during major holidays, paying homage to their own heritage. In Israel, a similarly family-oriented society, feasts and festivals observed are part and parcel of daily life: on the streets, in schools, places of worship and homes.

2014 Winners


Winners from CAT 1: Under 7 Yrs

1st Prize: Hezekiah Benjamin

1st Runner-up: Ng Yao Min

2nd Runner-up: Valencia Ng

Winners from CAT 2: 8-12 Yrs

1st Prize: Nicole Kok

1st Runner-up: Iris Tan

2nd Runner-up: Hannah Benjamin

Winners from CAT 3: 13-16 Yrs

1st Prize: John Teoh

1st Runner-up: Beatrice Chong

Winners from CAT 4: Open Category

1st Prize: Ashwini Mathews

1st Runner-up: Geraldine Koh

2nd Runner-up: Petra Leong


Winners from CAT 1: Under 7 Yrs

1st Prize: Jonathan Dorodny

Winners from CAT 2: 8-12 Yrs

1st Prize: Morya Otsarya

1st Runner-up: Yael Israeli

2nd Runner-up: Maya Lemerovitch

Winners from CAT 4: Open Category

1st Prize: Yael Bar-David

1st Runner-up: Tamir Kugman

Facebook Most Likes Winner

Teoh Yong Han

Blessed Draw Winner

Phileas Conrad Burke