Scales fell from Saul’s eyes

Scales fell from Saul's eyes

Bible Reference: Acts 9:18

Tan Pheng Heong (Tony)

Physical Art Group 3
15 years old and above

12in x 16in
Code for Purchase: COB43

When Saul was zealously persecuting Christians, did he think he was doing the right thing? If we think we are doing the right things, but are actually doing wrong things, then we are truly in a miserable and pitiable state. But Lord Jesus appeared to Saul and transformed his life. (And, as we know, that began Saul's career as a powerful servant of God). Today, in the English language, if someone says the scales have fallen from his eyes, it means that he has been cured of his moral blindness. Now, may the Lord Jesus give us eyes that can see, and may He cure any blindness in us. Amen.