Bible Reference: 2 Cor 12:7

Do Lern Hwei, Raphaelle

Physical Art Group 3
15 years old and above

29.7cm x 21cm
Code for Purchase: COB53

God's Strength shines through in individual weaknesses as compassion and understanding is shown by a suffering person. Jesus Christ with crown of thorns is in background, as in the trial before Pontius Pilate. He was crucified for being an alleged rival to Caesar, as Roman Emperors styled themselves Son of Zeus or some powerful deity. Pilate had termed Him King of the Jews as Jesus never resorted to murder to gain total kingship over Judea (Herod the Tetrach was only alloted a quarter of the Jewish territory as equally shared inheritance from the previous King, his father).

Healing as in management of Paul's physical condition, so he can overcome all odds to fulfil God's Purpose in his life. 1 single condition as opposed to wieght of all our infirmities on Jesus.