Theme for 2016

Theme for 2016: ‘Major Milestones of the Bible’



What are the major milestones of the Bible?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a milestone as ‘a significant stage or event in the development of something’. The Bible is filled with significant events that changed the history of Israel and the lives of God’s people. Events like the Exodus, the crossing of the Red Sea and the receiving of the Ten Commandments have been depicted in countless stories, books and movies. Other events like the stories of Israel’s kings and the return of God’s people from exile may not be as well-known, but are equally important milestones in the Bible.


Which milestone should you choose?

What you want to do for your art piece is up to you! We want you to read the Bible for yourself and tell us about the milestones that interest you. They may be well-known, or often forgotten, but be sure to tell us why they affect God’s people in a significant way. Transform these milestones into beautiful works of art that bring love, hope and remembrance to the lives of people today.

Most people would include one milestone, but some people might choose to include a few in their art piece. It is important to tell us why you’ve chosen your milestone(s) because it will help the judges to understand your art piece.

For more explanations of what your art should look like and what the judges will be looking for, read this.