Exhibition – 2022

2022 Exhibition

Physical Art

A Leper Healed

Jesus heals a Man Born Blind

God's Healing Hands

Faith at First Sight

God Heals

Come to Me

Healing of the Paralytic

Music Soothes and Heals

The Healing of the Invalid Man at the Bethesda Pool

Jesus Heals the Blind

His Love

His Healing Touch

Rest in Him

Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise

Naaman's Healing

Jesus Heals the Blind

Jesus is Our Living Water

At the Streets

Hope Against Hope

The Consequences of Sin

Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man

Jesus Heals The Blind Man

Let Jesus Heal

Up on the Roof

Fixed Kintsugi Plate

Wonderful Food of God

A Sick Man and His Four Friends


Jesus Heals The Leper

I Can See

Hand of Naaman

“Daughter, your faith has healed you.”

By His Wounds We are Healed


Jesus of Galilee

Scales fell from Saul's eyes

The NAME of GOD in hebrew - יהוה

Pressing In


Healing through Jesus is always possible

Healing of the heart


Hope against hope (2)

Hope against hope (3)

Digital Art

Jesus' Healing Hand

Healing By Faith

The Blessing of God's Healing

Cleansed by the Flood, Healed by His Blood

It's Gone, It's Here

Gethsemane - Sanctification of the Heart: Tikkun Adam Tikkun Olam

When He Looketh Upon It, Shall Live.

Jesus Healing the Blind

Jesus Christ is Lord over Everything

Jesus heals the world

Comfort in His presence

2021 Online Exhibition Highlights

5 Sep – 31 Dec
- over 500 visitors

8 categories 
36 prizes given  

179 participants 
Calligraphy, Bible Journaling, Talk 

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