Physical Artworks

Information for Physical Artworks

Who can join?

We accept entries from all countries! Our categories are based on the following age groups:

  • Category 1: 7 years and under
  • Category 2: 8-12 years
  • Category 3: 13-18 years
  • Category 4: 19 years and above (Open Category)

What kind of art can I do?

We accept the following types of artworks:

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Sculptures
  • Crafts & textiles
  • Scripture Calligraphy

When do I need to submit my entry by?

You are required to submit your entry online by 21st August 2020, 5pm SGT.


What size should my artwork be?

  • 2D items (e.g. paintings, drawings, scripture calligraphy, etc.)
    • Minimum size: 21cm by 29.7cm (A4 size)
    • Maximum size: 100cm by 70cm
    • Note: A3 size and above is recommended
  • 3D items (e.g. sculpture and some forms of mixed media)
    • Minimum size: 20cm by 20cm by 20cm
    • Maximum size: 75cm by 75cm by 75cm

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