God promises I am not alone during my Recovery Journey

God promises that I am not alone. My drawing shows dandelions and they represent God’s hope on the road to recovery. The lady is me and I am not alone. I was diagnosed with SLE, lymphoma and liver cirrhosis. During that same period, I experienced depressions and anxiety. Every day, I did not have the mood to do anything. Last month, during my recovery journey, I did my Bible study and did some art. Though the sickness is still with me, and it has led to all parts of my body not functioning well, which was a challenge for me, I never let go of myself. Life is worth living. I love art as it can help me destress, focus and find solutions out of problems! I found joy and contentment inside me as I pass my days – cool and calm! Years passed. Recently, my doctor found out that my thyroid has worsened and referred me to a specialist for further investigation. God is always with me and His promises never fail, so I am looking forward to my recovery. He is forever with me during my sickness.

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