Hopes and Promises of the Bible

My painting is in semi-abstract form. It shows briefly the 3 aspects of a Christian life. On the bottom right hand corner of the picture, it depicts pre-believers as represented by the colours of sin (i.e. evil, wickedness, disbelief, greed). There are also believers who are led astray by the evil one. However, 1 John 1:9 clearly gives the hope and promise of God’s forgiveness. The centre of my painting is painted in green which represents salvation, repentance, restoration, growth, and most importantly, faith. The musical notes, the opened door to receive pre-believers, the crucifix, the bible, the open palms are icons of joy, eternity, God’s Word and faith. Lastly, the Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and also represents God and His Unconditional Love. His Heart which I have painted in yellow indicates the supreme power of God, His blessings, His promises and hope as recorded in the Bible.

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