Comfort in His presence

Comfort in His presence

Bible Reference: Psalm 119:114

Samantha Cheong

Digital Art Group 2
15 years old and above

Digital Art
93cm x 65.5cm
Code for Purchase: COB55

When I first read this scripture, of God being my hiding place and shield, I was comforted; no matter what I am struggling through or will be struggling with, I can always go back to this truth and find a place of safety, refuge and comfort in God. I imagined it to be a place of healing as well. No matter how I feel, whether wounded, broken, tired or joyful, I can always go back to this home in Him. Hence, I drew a girl and Jesus in this hidden house, midst the jungles and bushes, midst a world that feels chaotic. Yet, even in all of that, light still comes in. The light represents hope and God’s presence. In the art work, Jesus holds a heart with the girl- representing God holding my heart, no matter what the circumstances. At the time of drawing this, I was feeling disoriented and was struggling with loneliness. I drew this to remind myself of God’s presence in my life and it brought comfort and healing to my own heart.