2018 Exhibition Highlights




- Artists
- Families
- Volunteers


- 4 Categories
- 13 Winners
- 20 Mentions


- Challah Bread
- Foil Embossing
- and more...

Official Opening Ceremony


…the Bible is a living legacy…

I think it’s really heartening to see that the Bible is a living legacy for so many in Singapore, and I think that the message of the Bible today is becoming increasingly clear. It is a universal message that there is so much that binds us in terms of our shared values. I would like to make an invitation—a very enthusiastic invitation—to everyone who wants to come and share.

Rabbi Mordechai Abergel
Chief Rabbi of Singapore

It has been our privilege to participate…

Dear Colours of the Bible Team, thank you for all the effort and time you have taken—wonderful job! It has been our privilege to participate all this time, and we look forward to more to come!

Benjamin Family (Ashwini, Hannah, Deborah, Hezekiah and Leah)
regular participants of the Colours of the Bible art competition

You made the Bible come alive.

Wonderful works exhibited. Thank you for Bible Society to have made this possible every year. Keep up the good work and encourage more to turn Bible words into colourful expression. God bless the work of your hands, and well done to the artists. You made the Bible come alive.


Thanks for organising!

Thanks for organising (the Sand Art workshop)! Sock Fong has been very helpful. We are now practising the sand art technique at home in preparation for our year end outreach!

Mong Mong
Mother of child artist Chalmers Wang Yong Wei

…most educational & informative

Thank you so much for organizing this synagogue tour which was most educational & informative.

Connie Ho
Synagogue Tour Participant

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