Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

In the following terms and conditions, the Organisers refer to The Bible Society of Singapore and Embassy of Israel.   

1. Categories


Group 1: 8 years old and under
Group 2: 9-14 years old
Group 3: 15 years old and above (Open Category)  


Group 1: 14 years old and under
Group 2: 15 years old and above (Open Category) 

1.1   Participants may submit any number of entries for any of our competitions – Digital/Physical Art. However, every participant can only win a maximum of one prize, not including Facebook Most Likes Prize. 
1.2   Shared/group entries are not allowed. Each entry must be registered under only one name.
1.3   Age is calculated as of 31 December 2022. The Organisers reserve the right to request proof of identification if required. 

2. Prizes

2.1   Three top prizes will be awarded for each group. Special Mention prizes will be given at our judges’ discretion. There will also be an overall prize for the winner of the Facebook Most Likes contest.  
2.2 The procedure to collect the prizes for prize-winners will be provided at a later date via email. 
2.3 In the event that the winner(s) does not respond within two weeks after being contacted by The Organisers, alternative artworks may be selected as the winning entries. The Organisers will put reasonable effort in contacting the winners (including calling their given handphone number) and is not responsible for failed attempts to contact the winner(s). The winners will be informed personally via email and may be announced on our Facebook Page. 
2.4   Prizes may be subjected to changes at The Organisers’ discretion.
2.5   Where applicable, prizes are subjected to the terms and conditions of the respective sponsors and third-party vendors. The Organisers will not be liable for these conditions and any subsequent issues regarding the prizes after distribution to the prize winners. 
2.6   Where feasible, prizes can be sent to overseas winners. Overseas winners may receive different prizes of comparable value from the prizes listed.
2.7   All participants will receive a certificate each after the competition ends. 

 3. Accepted Artworks

3.1 Theme & Judging
3.1.1  All artworks must depict the stipulated theme for the competition: Healings in the Bible.
3.1.2  Regardless of art form, the artwork submitted must still be original in concept and execution. Any entry which plagiarises other artwork or contains defamatory, violent, infringing, indecent or unlawful material that violates local and international laws and regulations will be disqualified. 
3.1.3 By entering the competition, the participant recognises, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted artwork is an original work created by the participant his/herself, that the artwork does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, right of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the artwork. 
3.1.4 The judges for the competition will evaluate the entries using the following criteria: Originality, Relevance/ Adherence to theme, Quality, Overall impression/ impact.
3.1.5 The judges’ decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.  

3.2 Medium
3.2.1   We accept the following types of artworks: Digital Art, Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, Crafts & Textiles, Scripture Calligraphy, Mixed Media Constructions.  

3.3 Artwork Size (applicable only to Physical Artworks)
3.3.1 For artworks* that are 2D, the minimum size should be 21cm x 29.7cm (A4-sized), with the maximum size being 100cm x 70cm
3.3.2 For artworks that are 3D, the minimum size should be 20cm x 20cm x 20cm, with the maximum size being 75cm x 75cm x 75cm
*Note: A3 size and above is recommended for 2D artworks.  

4. Registration & Submission Process

4.1 Participation, Registration & Submission (for Digital & Physical Artwork) 
4.1.1 We accept participants from all countries.
4.1.2 Please register with your complete particulars and submit your entry online.
4.1.3 Upon registering and submitting your entry online successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement email within 3 working days.
4.1.4 Participation in this competition is free-of-charge.
4.1.5 By submitting your artwork to The Organisers, you agree to allow The Organisers to collect, use, and disclose and or retain your Personal Data with respect to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012. 

4.2 Digital Art
4.2.1 All digital entries must be submitted by 9th September 2022, 6pm (SGT). Any entries that are submitted after on our portal will be disqualified.  

 4.3 Physical Artwork 
4.3.1  Please submit your physical artwork to The Bible Society of Singapore for judging purposes before the submission deadline: 9th September 2022, 6pm (SGT). You may do so by coming down to The Bible Society of Singapore located at 7 Armenian Street, Bible House, #04-01, Singapore 179932 during our office hours from 9am – 6pm.  

4.3.2  If you prefer to submit your entry by mail, please mail it to: The Bible Society of Singapore, 7 Armenian St, Bible House, #04-01, Singapore 179932. Participants are strongly encouraged to send their entry via registered mail. The Organisers will not be responsible for any loss/damage caused during mailing. An email stating receipt of artwork will be sent to the artist’s contact email within 7 working days of receiving it. 

5. “Facebook Most Likes” Contest 

5.1   All submitted entries will be eligible for the Facebook Most Likes Contest unless it fails to meet Clause 3.1.2 of our Terms & Conditions.
5.2   Photos of accepted artworks will be uploaded on the Colours of the Bible Facebook page within 7 working days of submission.
5.3   The artwork with the most “Likes” on their original post wins our Facebook Most Likes prize!
5.4   Participants may share the original post. However, “Likes” on the shared post will not be counted.
5.5   Facebook users may “Like” a post from the time it is uploaded till 16th September 2022, 12pm (SGT). The winner will be subsequently announced on the same day. 

6.1   The official launch of the Colours of the Bible Art Exhibition 2022 will tentatively be on 17th November 2022. This year’s exhibition will be a physical exhibition, subject to the Safe Management Measures applicable at that time. In the event that the physical exhibition cannot be held, the exhibition will be held online. All participants will be informed via email.
6.2   Aside from the winning artworks, all other artworks also stand an opportunity of being showcased on our physical exhibition as well.  

7. Other Rules & Regulations

7.1 Retrieval and Donation of Artwork  
7.1.1 Winning artworks (Winners of top prizes, Special Mentions, and Facebook Most Likes contest) may be used for display at the exhibition. These artworks cannot be retrieved. 
7.1.2 Other artworks not mentioned in 7.1.1 may be retrieved by the participants before 9th December 2022, 6pm (SGT). The Organisers encourage participants to donate their artworks in support of the Bible Mission to raise funds and contribute to humanitarian work. 
7.1.3 Upon registration, participants will be required to price a minimum amount for the submitted artwork. Members of the public may acquire the artworks for the minimum amount as a donation to the Bible Mission.  

7.2    License 

7.2.1 The Participant agrees that, as a condition of entry, The Organisers may, without seeking further permission from the creator, share images and information from the entry uploaded to The Organisers’ and The Colours of the Bible websites, social media platforms, in digital marketing materials, and with partners to share on their social media platforms and digital marketing materials. 
7.2.2 By registering to participate, the Participant grants to the Organisers a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to reproduce and distribute the entry in volume and/or digital form including but not limited to: posters, exhibition booklets, journals, catalogue. 
7.2.3 The copyright of the artwork belongs to the artist. 

7.3    Amendments/Limitations
7.3.1 The Organisers reserve the right at any time, to cancel or modify the art competition/exhibition or substitute, withdraw, or cancel any rules or prizes without prior notice, without having to disclose any reason therefore, and without compensation whatsoever.
7.3.2 The Organisers reserve the right not to award any prize, or to award one or more but not all of the prizes. The decision of the Organisers shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained.
7.3.3 The Organisers may exercise their sole discretion to use the winners’ details, identification, artwork, image and captions related to the art competition (in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act) for the purpose of marketing, publicity and announcements, without incurring any charges. 


*Please note that the Organisers reserve the right to use any entries submitted to us for our online exhibition and/or any promotional and publicity materials. Should there be any concerns, you may reach out to us at colours@bible.org.sg.